Dealing with climate change

Dealing with climate change

Dealing with climate change

The Climate Action Summit of the United Nations is on and several transformational climate initiatives have been put to discussion, including actions towards climate-friendly transport (ACT) and  commitment to achieving air quality that is safe for populations.

Share of individual actions by type

For the last decades, many countries around the globe work hard to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Smart cities infrastructure can play a vital role in this effort, by enabling significantly reduced consumption of energy.

From being able to know the closest available parking spot and booking it directly to avoid ongoing laps in your car, to optimizing street lighting and from traffic management to overall pollution monitoring, smart cities can be a basic pillar of a climate-friendly development process.

Within this framework, the city of Helsinki (Finland) has exploited the tools of the Digital Enabler (Data Workspace, Data Mashup Editor, IoT Device Manager, Dashboard Manager) to build a noise , air pollution and traffic  monitoring system.

Check out this video for more!

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