Digital Enabler travels to Greece

Digital Enabler travels to Greece

Digital Enabler travels to Greece

A vast range of cities worldwide attempt to explore the benefits of IoT technology and unlock the potential of data in order to rethink urban living and improve the quality of life in cities. The cities of Genoa (Italy), Montevideo (Uruguay), São Paulo (Brazil), La Plata (Argentina), Rennes (France) and many more have taken advantage of the merits brought by digitization and managed to obtain a single point of knowledge for all urban data via the Digital Enabler ecosystem platform.

Within this scope, the Municipalities of Fylis, of Chaidari and of Galatsi (all parts of the Attica prefecture, Greece), welcomed us from November 14th to 15th and hosted 3 very effective and productive “proof of concept” workshops.

During these meetings we had the chance to provide actual evidence on Digital Enabler’s exploitation on the domains of garbage collection, public lighting, air pollution and traffic management, based on the experience deriving from the cities of Helsinki (Finland) and of Antwerp (Belgium).

Antwerp Garbage Collection
Antwerp | Garbage collection Dashboard

At the end of the whole process, city officials and other stakeholders attending the workshops came back with very positive feedback, feeling certain that data-driven solutions are capable to improve quality of life for residents in the years to come.

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