Identifying, gathering and exploiting data to make a city smart

Identifying, gathering and exploiting data to make a city smart

Identifying, gathering and exploiting data to make a city smart

Urban data, which are the driver to smart cities, are available in numerous and heterogeneous sources:

  • internal data sources, i.e. department related content management systems, web services, database management or legacy systems;
  • open data management systems ;
  • data acquired from installed and interconnected sensors, i.e. air and water quality monitoring systems, smart cameras, parking counter, traffic monitoring systems;
  • citizen data, i.e. civic engagement and notification systems, participatory portals.
  • external datafeeds, i.e. city service providers notifications, meteo alarms, news online, city council updates.

All these useful data are held in fragmented systems and databases. Having data in silos significantly limits stakeholders in their effort to extract actual value from them. Yet, apart from bringing all this wealth in a common, unified platform, stakeholders will still need to unveil the residing information; in other words, “translate” such “raw data” into alerts, insights and actions.

This is where technology providers and app developers, such as the teams behind Digital Enabler platform, come in.

They exploit artificial technology and big data analytics tools to effectively identify, collect, harmonize and combine all types of available data. In that way, they help different stakeholders to get meaningful insights and extract conclusions to improve the quality of life of the citizens via in a wide variety of aspects like transportation, healthcare, environment, and energy.

Digital Enabler is the platform that many cities around the globe have trusted in order to support the entire value chain of their available data, from the discovery to the analysis, harmonization and visualization. Check out the most recent success stories and contact us today to discuss what Digital Enabler can do for your city!

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