IoT Week in Aarhus was huge!

IoT Week in Aarhus was huge!

IoT Week in Aarhus was huge!

From June 17th to 21st, 2019, more than 360 speakers from research, industry, business, technology and science domains participated in a livid dialogue with more than 1600 attendees, during the IoT Week 2019!

The event was a great opportunity for the team of Digital Enabler, the ecosystem platform for Big Data integration and analytics, to host a series of personalized demos of the collaborative environment enabling notions like Citizen Science and Civic Engagement in decision making processes, in compliance with privacy regulation.

Many policy makers and cities managers had the chance to discuss in detail all the success stories and uses of the Digital Enabler platform in in real environment and get actual proof of how it can turn data into valuable information.

Check out some of our major moments!

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