Select for Cities - Phase 3

Select for Cities
Phase 3

Join Europe's Most Promising City Data Platform by proposing and executing 8,000 Euros worth experiments


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The City Enabler platform is a mature, state-of-the-art and fully functional data platform. It merges legacy data sets with the newest MQTT IoT data streams. It visualizes through crips dashboards and provides immediate business insights for all city users: city officers, citizens, local businesses, visitors.

That is why City Enabler was selected for the final stage of the European Select 4 Cities Pre-Commercial Procurement (more can be found here: But, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. In Antwerp and Helsinki, City Enabler plans to develop several use cases on top of the platform.

For this, we need your help.

What would you think is a cool smart city application? Where would correlated data become a valuable asset?
Submit a good idea or proposal now. It only takes 10 minutes and you are immediately up for a 8,000 Euros worth experiments.

Development will take place in February 2019. We will need your help in the execution phase. City Enabler will do its best to support in providing data streams and other services. Need any support? Drop us a short e-mail and we'll be in touch immediately.

More about this Open Call

This City Enabler Open call is part of the Select4Cities PCP third phase (Living Lab Test), which foresees 3 iterations with specific goals.

1st Iteration: the goal is twofold:

  • Deploy the platform and make it available for all the following interaction
  • Collect and document the final users€™ expectations, plan for the involvement of the users and specify the methods to collect data. This goal will is met through a series of workshops during which a number of stakeholders from both cities meet
2nd Iteration: the goal is to validate the CE's instruments that support the development of new features and innovative applications. This will be achieved by recruiting developers and allowing them to develop new features and applications using the City Enabler functionalities. The recruitment will be done through a competition of ideas and selection of the best ones.

3rd Iteration: this iteration aims to validate the CE's functionalities and applications available for the final users (citizens, companies, public officials). To accomplish this goal, we will carry out an acceptance tests that will involve, both in Antwerp and Helsinki, real users representing different categories.

This Open Call is part of the 2nd Iteration, and is dedicated to the development of new features and applications upon data and functionalities made available by the City Enabler to be deployed in the city of Helsinki and Antwerp.

Main advantages to participate in City Enabler Open Call are:
  • 1) to be part of City Enabler ecosystem and collaborate with big industry partners like Engineering Ingegneria Informatica, EIT Digital, ATC and other partners from the Select for Cities competition.
  • 2) to rely on high skill software developers that can support you in making your idea for your city a concrete solution
  • 3) to have a single point of access to City data and City metadata
  • 4) to test and validate new data centric tools and technologies
  • 5) to create apps with relevant content for citizens, tourists, businesses, enterprises, city officials based on these data

More about the City Enabler

The consortium behind the City Enabler is composed by:

The City Enabler provides a great opportunity to generate value upon the heterogeneous data spread across the city by:
  • 1) Collecting data from different sources and combining them for better quality info
  • 2) Providing different visualization for making data understandable
  • 3) Sharing the data between different actors and services
  • 4) Connecting various IoT devices and integrating to existing dashboards, apps and external services
  • 5) Integrating with the city's monitoring and planning procedures
  • 6) Enabling new innovative solution development through an open platform (e.g. open APIs)
Main components of City Enabler are listed below:
  • Datasource Discovery Engine: Find potential data sources available on the web

  • IoT Device Manager: Register sensors, gather data and store it, run smart simulations to perform what- if analysis. Manage the city IoT Infrastructure

  • Data Mashup Editor: Harmonize with a graphical tool the data to make it usable regardless of its source

  • City Data Workspace: Access the data both through user interface and APIs, measure the quality of data

  • Dashboard Manager: Design and create reusable dashboards that can best visualize, correlate and analyse your data as well as providing support in the decision-making process

  • City Front-End: Organize the dashboards in domains like environment and mobility and use them. Monitor and send commands to devices

More detailed descriptions about the CE components can be found in the City Enabler handbook.


Step 1: Read the Open Call Documentation

If you want to apply for the City Enabler Open Call dedicated to the city of Helsinki

Opencall documents pack

If you want to apply for the City Enabler Open Call dedicated to the city of Antwerp

Opencall documents pack
Step 2: Submit your application

Organisations or individuals willing to submit a proposal must do so by using the proposal template available at this web page. The Proposals must be submitted to this email address until 17:00 CET of the 15th of January 2019. . Proposals submitted after the deadline will not be considered for review. The selected proposals will be published on January 19th, 2019 on Proposed applications shall be original work that is realised in the scope of the City Enabler Open Call objectives. All proposals will be evaluated for acceptance according to the criteria and related thresholds specified below. A maximum of 5 proposals will be selected per city. The evaluation and selection will be performed by the Selection Committee, consisting of representatives of the CE Team.

Further details about the City Enabler Open Call can be found in the Open Call documentation.

If you need support, you can write us a email